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Movie Selector
Originally designed for quadriplegic patient to select from multiple movies using their eye tracker systems. Simply look at any of the 9 thumbs to select and launch that film. Look (or click) on the arrow buttons to navigate the next 9. Look at the pause button to temporarily pause the movie which then becomes a ‘Play’ button so that the movie can be re-started from the paused position. This control page passes the selected film name back to the ASC app over WiFi where the movie player is launched automatically onto a large screen TV and played through media software. Watch the ASC app when you click a thumbnail, you will see e.g.  ‘Run movie skyscraper.mp4’ automatically appear on screen. Try the ‘Loading’ URL that will appear above in any device around your home. You can easily edit the single page that controls this. The control page is relatively easy to convert to scrollable screen or to music videos, mp3 etc. Name your thumbnails the same as your movie (but with different extensions) Drop your thumbnail images into the folder www\movieselect\cover_art    (.jpg or .png) Convert your movies or videos to mp4 and drop those into www\movieselect\movies    (.mp4) List your thumbnails in the order they should appear on screen in www\movieselect\movie_list.txt Set up the ASC to use your favourite media player when ‘Run Movie ????’ appears This control page can be found in the ASC Webserver library, normally installed to, C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\JezWalter\ASC\Webserver\www\movieselect If you don’t have it yet, Click & Save the download to your ..\ASC\webserver\www folder, right click and extract-all
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Home Movie Launcher
Ensure that the ASC app & web server within it are running on your PC. Enter your webserver path below, be sure to include the http:// and the port number on the end ‘:7777’. Then when you select one of the control pages below, it will try to load the control page directly from your own webserver folder. If it fails to load then you may need to download it and extract the control page into your webservers www folder. If you do download and the control page was already installed it will be overwritten with the latest release. If you’ve been working on it, rename it first. Click any of the control page buttons below, the control page will then try to load in a new Window. The new window will then automatically open. When you return to this page you will see a URL next to ‘URL to use’, use this URL from any device on your network that has a browser, phone, tablet, Raspberry Pi, Laptop or PC. SImply type this URL into the devices browser & create a shortcut to it.
Lighting Status
A really quick and easy project to add a lighting status app to any old tablet or smart phone. This one demonstrates Tasmoto flashed Sonoffs but could equally be used for many other devices. A list of your devices would sit on your ASC webserver named devices.txt, then add any number of devices to the list. You place your own image of your room layout in the images folder and simply duplicate a line for each of your devices representing ‘ON’ at the bottom of the html page, then set the co-ordinates so that the ‘ON’ image sits in roughly the correct position on top of your room image. <Img id='light10' src='images/floodfront.png' style="position:absolute;display:block;left:450px;top:475px;"> The javascript code checks the status of each Sonoff every few seconds but you could override this to just when you touch the screen or whatever interval you want to use. It’s far more visual than ActionTiles and you can use it from any number of devices without any licences. Nothing to install, just create a shortcut to it in your device browser. This control page can be found in the ASC Webserver library, normally installed to, C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\JezWalter\ASC\Webserver\www\devicestatus If you don’t have it yet, Click & Save the download to your ..\ASC\webserver\www folder, right click and extract-all
3D Lighting & Smartswitch Status
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Loading your Webserver control pages
What are Webserver control pages?

Webserver control pages

These are web pages that you might run on your local network without Internet. They can control various devices, launch videos, webpages, load images and more. Some may utilise the Internet where others may just use your WiFi. In many cases they will be offered as Open-Source where you can simply edit them yourself if you know a little HTML, Javascript etc. The ASC built-in webserver means that you don’t have to upload your edited pages to the Internet, you should be able to call any of them up from any device that has a browser and is connected to your WiFi. Create touch screen templates for those old tablets and phones. Create device controllers for when Alexa or the cloud services that you use are temporarily down. Just go to the ASC app menu  Servers > Start server > Console,                    Make a note of the full webserver path outlined in red