PC App download

Please note that these PC downloads have automated installers which are simple wrappers around an executable program. They will all require Internet access to either function or to simply log in as a user. Because of this some anti-virus applications will throw up warnings but completely without foundation. Users are welcome to email me directly for reassurance.
Version 2.02 This version has some major enhancements over V2.0 and is now ready for download. Port forwarding has been removed completely offering a much easier method of connecting the app to your Alexa devices. There are now 4 methods of communicating with the app. Directly from the ASC server (most functionality), Directly from Alexa by reading the history page of the Alexa app, From webpages on other devices around your home network that utilise the built in webserver and by manually typing on screen. The main connection to the ASC simply requires a key to be pasted into the bottom right hand corner of the screen and that’s it. (See Alexa data uploads page). You no longer need to add responses to the app as these are uploaded en masse through the uploads page and still work even if your PC is switched off. The Setup screen has also been completely removed too. Phrases that you enter directly into the app are more for controlling PC software where more generalised phrases & responses are uploaded en masse from this website directly to your Alexa devices. Important: Previously built skills for V2.0 will need to be rebuilt in the Amazon development page bacause some things have changed. e.g. End-Point and JSON text. The skill building page on this site has been updated with the changes so you can just repaste into your existing skill if you wish.