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Version 2.0 This is the current version with many enhancements from the earlier versions. You need to create your own Alexa skill by copying and pasting a few lines of text, this is described step-by-step on this site. Then, unlike earlier versions, whatever you ask Alexa each response that you’ve set up will be heard through the same Alexa device that you spoke to. It doesn’t read the Alexa history page but the Alexa app is still shown on screen for convenience so that you can check what Alexa actually heard if your Phrase-Response failed. This version also offers ‘Key sequencing’ which means you can get Alexa to control your mouse, position it, click or double click and also use menues and hot-keys. So you can basically fully control any PC software application straight through Alexa. Version 1.06 This was the first version of the ASC application with thousands of downloads and extremely easy to set up. There’s also a full page on this site on how to use it. There is no actual connection with your Alexa devices and no need to create an Alexa skill of any kind. There’s no server either so the whole thing is used locally from your PC. Whatever you ask Alexa is automatically written to your Alexa app by Amazon. This application monitors your Alexa app history locally on your own PC exactly the same as you right clicking a webpage and ‘Viewing Source’. It reads what was heard and then processes this against your phrases entered. If you want a verbal response then you would have to use something like TTS (Text to speech) and this would be announced directly from your PC and not from your Alexa devices. Alexa will respond to whatever you ask as though the app wasn’t there at all. So in most cases you would get a ‘Sorry I don’t know how to help you with that’ so you may choose to simply set the Alexa device volume to ‘1’ so that it can be ignored. However, I have found that if you set up your phrases to detect a single word, Alexa doesn’t actually respond at all but the app will still pick up what was heard and act on it. For example, “Alexa Start Banking Procedure” Would more than likely result in ‘Sorry I don’t know how to help you with that’ and the text would still be written to history and picked up by the app. Whereas, “Alexa Banking” Will probably just flash up the blue light to show that Alexa heard you and will then go out without any announcement. This too is still written back to history and picked up by the app.
Please note that all of these downloads have automated installers which are simple wrappers around an executable program. They will all require Internet access to either function or to simply log in as a user. Because of this many anti-virus applications will ‘Annoyingly’ throw up warnings. I don’t subscribe to Microsoft so don’t offer any form of application certification which is also occassionally thrown up. These applications are in constant development so you could never get certification as frequently as I upload updates and changes. You should only download these applications from this site to ensure that it has not been tampered with or re-wrapped with advertising or malware. Because of this I use my name as the main site, include photographs and offer my direct email address if you have concerns or questions.