Creating an Alexa Skill This page will step you through creating an Alexa skill that can be used with the ASC application on your PC. First of all you need to go to the correct Amazon webpage. You may need to register before you can get to all of the screens below.
Click ‘Alexa Skills Kit’
Click ‘Start a Skill’

Alexa Skill Building

Trouble shooting This area will be constantly updated to offer tips for getting the whole system up and running when users have a few problems. Typing into Amazon test page works but Asking Alexa devices does not: Usually caused if you have set the wrong language for your skill. This should match whatever language is set up in your Alexa app. e.g. English (U.K.) as opposed to English (U.S.). Do not get the welcome message The most common cause is an incorrectly entered ‘End Point’. Go back to the ‘End Point’ page and double check that the path is set to and the selection below that is, ‘My development endpoint is a sub-domain of a domain that has a wildcard certificate from a certificate authority’ Another common mistake is to use reserved words as your invocation name e.g. ‘open’ ‘ask’ ‘launch’ etc e.g. ‘Ask the porter’ Because ‘Ask’ was used within the actual invocation name means that you would need to open your skill by saying “Alexa ask ask the porter ....” I would suggest sticking to ‘Control center’ initially and then changing it to something that you want to later. Another great invocation name  is ‘Listen up’ so you simply say “Alexa listen up” to open your skill.
5 mins
1: Name your skill This is simply the name of your skill and not the words used to invoke it into action. e.g. “Home Control Center”
2: Select your language Your Alexa devices will not work in test mode unless you select the correct language the same as is set in your Alexa app
3: Next Click ‘Next’ to continue
1: Select Custom This will and must be a ‘Custom’ skill
2: Create Skill Click ‘Create skill’ button to continue
1: JSON Editor Right click, then ‘Select all’ and then click the delete key to empty this panel out completely.
2: New JSON code Click into the box below, then right click copy. Move into the panel and right click paste.
3: Invocation name After pasting type your own invocation name that will be used to summon your skill between the two double quote marks e.g. “control center” Do not use Alexa command words in your invocation name, open, ask, tell etc.
4: Save & Build Click the ‘Save model’ link at the top then, when saving is completed click ‘Build’. This may take a minute or two.
End Point Click this link to take you directly to the ‘End Point’ page
1: HTTPS Click this link
2: Region URL’s Click into the box below, then right click copy. Move into the URL box and right click paste. Then select ‘from a trusted certificate authority’ in the drop-down list below the URL box. This would be the same for any of the other region settings too.
4: JSON Editor click the JSON Editor link
1: Test Click the ‘Test’ link to open the test page
2: Enabled Ensure the ‘Enabled’ switch is on
2: Testing Type in here ‘Open [Invocation name]’ e.g. Open control center press return. Try asking your actual Alexa devices Alexa open [Invocation name] You should get a default welcome message from the server Welcome to the speech configurator If the above works then your skill is complete and you can now move on to the Alexa data uploads page. If the above does not work then check out ‘Trouble shooting’ below or send a short email to the address at the bottom of this page.
3: Save Endpoints Click save at the top