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Alexa Speech Configurator PC Application Including 90 days of server credits
You would step through the installation procedures, install the application and try the system for 7 days. Then you can purchase the system and receive 3 months (90 days) of server credits & 12 months of FREE updates. Server credits can be purchased whenever you wish to add them. This is not a subscription. Purchases are made through PayPal within the application setup screen. Each server credit is for 30 days and up to 5 Alexa devices. More details in the application.
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Alexa Speech Configurator
Alexa: Step-by-step home & business integration
version-1 known as Web Extractor
What is the ASC ? The ASC (Alexa Speech Configurator) is a combination of PC software and a unique on line secure server that connects directly to the Amazon voice services. Together they allow you to control your PC via voice and control any PC application too. With over 6,500 downloads of version-1 along with such enthusiasm from the user base, version-2 was created. How is it funded ? Servers are expensive to run but with a small but growing number of users it can be made very affordable. It’s important that the server is not over stretched as is the case with so many servers today. It is maintained by dedicated staff on a 24/7 basis. The actual PC application is a one-off purchase and includes all upgrades for 12 months. The PC application is downloaded and installed onto your PC, you are then given a 7 day trial period where you can test the whole system before actually purchasing it. You are also given 3 months of server use when you purchase the application. Server credits can be topped up at any time, there is no subscription. The monthly user cost of the server really is just loose- change but it’s important that the server is self funding for it to evolve and be suitably upscaled as the user base grows. Who is the ASC aimed at ? The type of person that may be most attracted to the ASC would be a techno-scientist, someone who just can’t stop exploring possibilities, making the systems do things that no one else had dreamt of. Or the entrepreneur who can see an opening for something so new and so useful. There certainly isn’t an age limit, it needs to be affordable for everyone and have clear instructions for all ages and abilities. Wherever possible, the instructions will be backed up with step-by-step video that the user can pause and re-visit. Is there a user forum ? There is a Facebook group name Alexa beyond switches where users can exchange ideas & share views etc. Videos Please be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel so that you are automatically notified whenever a new video is uploaded.
Setup procedure This has been broken down into 3 steps, each step should be completed in under 5 mins and if you get stuck you are welcome to ask questions on the facebook group ‘Alexa beyond switches’ where you will find users in many countries. Create an Instant Alexa skill To create an Alexa skill you can click the ‘Skill Page’ button for simple written instruction where you simply paste a little text and build the skill. The server does most of the work once you’ve got your skill up and running. You don’t need to sign up for any form of payment and you will end up with an Alexa skill that you can use from any of your Alexa devices on your home network. Your skill will not affect the normal use of your Alexa whatsoever. You will use the skill in Amazon ‘Test’ mode so there’s no need to get it certified by Amazon unless you want to publish it for others to use. Install the ASC on your PC The ASC application that runs on your PC is self installing. The actual ‘Installer’ will automatically extract the executable and create any necessary folders. The application will require access to your Internet connection & may ask you to confirm this. You should always download directly from this website or from alternative sites if they are listed on these webpages. The installer has been virus checked but some anti-virus may still offer warnings because it wants to connect to the Internet and the installer contains the actual application executable.
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more Create your own Alexa skill Create dynamic Alexa responses Control your PC by voice using Alexa Create your own Alexa skill Create dynamic Alexa responses Control your PC by voice using Alexa
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Server credits £2 = 30 days
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Switch light on - Switch Light Off,  Nooooo We can do so much more with Alexa, Mind blowing, useful or just ‘fun’ things you may never have imagined were possible. This site is all about exploring what else we can ‘bring to the party’ on a very, very low budget. Sharing in the knowledge of ‘Hidden Gems’ that these incredible gadgets and devices may already possess. Alexa can’t do that … not possible The words ‘Not Possible’ are banished from the site, this site will become a spring-board to launch wacky & crazy thoughts into amazing features and functions just by thinking outside-the-box and never accepting that something isn’t possible. Web Extractor The Web-Extractor is a PC application written to work with Alexa, to take what Alexa heard and to action it ourselves on our own network. Add voices, app launching, every kind of web search and more. It’s currently FREE to use with no card details or payment taken whatsoever and apart from initial login, it runs entirely on your ‘Local’ network and not on line. Please visit the website from a full desktop